About Us

A passion for helping organizations succeed ….

VirtualeTeams is a team of seasoned veterans of the business community whose collective passions are focused on enabling and helping organizations succeed in their business or enterprise missions.  We draw from our decades of experience in the world at large to bring the right resources to bear on the challenges of making organizations work successfully.

Our principals have a special fascination with the challenges of the emergence of the new connected economy where the spectacular growth of Internet-based services is resulting in a dramatic shift of focus to using geographically dispersed virtual teams who often have to work and learn across many time zones and to using emerging technologies such as the virtual classroom  to develop blended learning systems to train them.

We have been intimately involved as pioneers in the virtual working and training world helping early adopters among business and other enterprises  deal with the significant challenges involved in the virtual world.  Our collective experience runs deep in the areas of organizational development, training, change management, business design and optimization and on capitalizing on investments in  advanced information and Internet-based technologies.

We are committed to bringing the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and technologies to our clients to enable them to duplicate the success of those who have pioneered in this exciting new realm. We deliver this through a rich offering of products and services.