Creative Problem Solving

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The Challenge

Solving problems in a creative manner can be the key to a more productive and satisfactory life for employees and managers in organizations. Problem solving is not easy for most people. It is like a journey into the unknown. It begins with a perception of a need for change or a sense that something is “not quite right” and moves through a series of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, interactions, and solutions.

Creative problem solving is as much art as it is science. It requires creativity, intuition, and imagination. It also requires careful analysis, diagnosis, and step-by-step action planning. This workshop is designed to enable participants to learn and apply concepts and techniques related to an integrated approach to creative problem solving.

The Solution

This workshop begins with individual problem solving and it highlights team processes that engage and result in more creative solutions. Participants will have the following opportunities:

  • To define a problem that requires management attention;
  • To understand the problems they face in new ways;
  • To go beyond the superficial and probe deeply into root causes;
  • To acquire skills in developing novel and lasting solutions;
  • To become aware of how groups foster creative problem solving;
  • To develop an effective action plan for implementing creative solutions.

Customized participant guides, leaders guides and train-the-trainer are available.

How You Benefit

Learn how to really understand the problem and root causes, identify the alternatives that make a difference, then put a plan in place to make it happen.

Module 1: Opening Activities

  • Getting Acquainted
  • How do you approach problem solving?
  • A model of Creative Problem Solving

Module 2: Awareness of a Problem

  • Select a Personal Case problem
  • Defining a Problem
  • Reflecting on the Problem

Module 3: Define the Problem

  • Brainstorming
  • Brainstorming Variations
  • Problem Probe Technique
  • Data Gathering

Module 4:  Define Desired Future State – Targeting

  • Guided Visioning
  • Scenario Development
  • Define Desired Future State

Module 5: Imagine Creative Solutions

  • The Nine-Dot Problem
  • Group Techniques to Develop Creative Solutions
  • Force Field Analysis Technique – Large Group
  • Force Field Analysis Technique – Small Group Practice

Module 6: Plan the Solution

  • Devising Personal Plans
  • Elements of an Effective Action Plan
  • Action Planning

Module 7: Putting it all Together

  • Summary and Evaluation

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