Building Effective Virtual Teams Workshop

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Keys to helping teams reach peak levels of performance

The Challenge

The world is going virtual at a rapid pace. Research shows that virtual teams can save time, save money, increase productivity, support social responsibility and improve employee satisfaction. A virtual team, can also be a disaster!

A virtual or remote team, like every team, is a group of people who interact through interdependent tasks and collaboration to achieve a common purpose. Unlike a conventional team, a virtual or remote team works across space, time and often cultural and organizational boundaries.

In over 20 years of researching and working with traditional, remote and virtual teams at Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies, and other clients, the facilitators have learned about the keys to team effectiveness.  This workshop will focus on the building blocks of effective teams, underscore virtual team success factors, provide team effectiveness skills development and engage participants in an  interactive experience with web collaboration technologies.

The Solution

The Building Effective Virtual Teams  workshops help team leaders, facilitators and members increase team effectiveness. The workshop will help you

  • Understand the challenges and 11 virtual team success factors
  • Assess virtual team effectiveness
  • Learn intervention strategies and how to facilitate the development of virtual teams, toward higher levels of performance
  • Learn about web collaboration technologies and best practices

Participant guides, leaders guides and train-the-trainer are available.

Delivered as Blended Learning

Public workshops or in-house workshops customized to client needs;  adaptable to audience (leaders, intact team, facilitators) or team assessment results.

A.    Delivered Virtual & Face-to-Face

  • 2-4 x 1.5 hour virtual modules
  • 1 day face-to–face (Travel for Trust)

B.    Delivered All Virtual:

  • 6-9  x 1.5 hour modules (customized)
  • Intersession individual group work

Program Elements

1.    Welcome to the Virtual Classroom

  • Learning how to collaborate virtually
  • Business case for virtual teams

2.    Virtual Team Success Factors

  • Elements of team effectiveness
  • 11 virtual team success factors

3.    Assessing Team Effectiveness

  • On-line assessment for your team
  • Engage leader/team to identify strengths, opportunities to improve and plan targeted skill development

4.    Collaborating with Technology

  • Exploring collaboration technology
  • Incorporating social media, discussion groups, shared workspaces, etc.

5.    Orientation & Trust Building

  • Shared values and sense of team
  • Team launching and orientation

6.    Team Goals and Roles

  • Being clear on expectations with vision, mission, values, roles, accountabilities and deliverables

7.    Team Processes: Getting Work Done

  • Team operating agreements
  • Team communications

8.    Team Relationships and Conflict

  • Building trust and resolving conflict
  • Managing cultural diversity

9.    Effective Virtual Team Meetings

  • Types of meetings: what’s best
  • Virtual meeting best practices
  • Travel for Trust

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