Coaching for Peak Performance Workshop

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Keys to helping others reach peak levels of performance

The Challenge

What do high performance Olympic medalists and many peak performing business people have in common? Ever increasing competition, tighter budgets and raising the “bar” every day demands higher and higher levels of performance throughout the entire organization.

The Solution

Virtual eTeams in collaboration with Dr Lois Stokes have researched high performance work environments and the most successful coaching strategies. This program provides leaders and managers with the most effective strategies, methods and tools to collaboratively coach their people to peak levels of performance. This workshop can be customized  your organization to reflect current preformance management and coaching policies and approaches in. Complete participant guides, leaders guides and train-the-trainer are available.

How You Benefit

Learn how to create peak performance environments, set with the facilitators and each other to experience how these modern clear goals, adapt your coaching approach to different types of people, and help them reach levels of performance that make them, you and your organization win the “gold”

The Learning Modules

The Module 1: Creating the Peak Performance Environment

  • Identify & build the elements of a peak performance environment
    • Assess coaching practices and skills

Module 2: Setting Expectations

  • Develop clear performance expectations linked to company & department success collaboratively
  • Focus on results “and” behavior

Module 3: Coaching for Success

  • Learn collaborative Coaching for Peak Performance princilpes and process
  • Apply coaching process for new hires, job changes, reorganizations

Module 4:  Performance Evaluation and Feedback

  • Prepare & conduct effective PE discussions as an ongoing process
  • Communicate feedback for results

Module 5: Coaching for Improved Performance

  • Diagnose performance gaps
  • Apply coaching process to improve results or correct behavior

Module 6: Coaching for Improved Performance – Corrective Action

  • Determine when and how to “cross the line” to corrective action
  • Establish +/- consequences

Module 7: Reinforcing Effective Performance

  • Assess individual motivation drivers
  • Select effective recognition & rewards

Module 8: Coaching for Peak Performance

  • Coach top performaers to the next level
  • Deliver improved organizational results

Module 9: Coaching for Development and Promotion

  • Help develop career “business plans”
  • Support effective development plans

Module 10: Implementing a Coaching Culture

  • Assess the current culture
  • Develop a plan to implement coaching in your team, and to influence the overall organization

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