In order to provide a truly comprehensive suite if products and services in our marketplace, VirtualeTeams has partnered with a select group of companies as follows.


HumanLink is a consultancy focused on helping organizations navigate through complex change programs. Our team has supported or led major business transformation programs, including ERP projects, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and outsourcing transitions. Our experience comes from a variety of projects in large and complex organizations — we have worked for Big 5 consulting firms, boutique strategy consultancies, and in industry.

The Institute for Work, Attitude and Motivation

The iWAM Institute’s global mission is helping individuals, teams, and organizations achieve top levels of performance by understanding and using the power of motivation and attitude in the context of work.  Their vision is to create a high quality, internationally-recognized professional organization that provides contemporary education, cutting-edge research, professional iWAM certification, and quality support services to human resources and organization development professionals, consultants, trainers, and organizational leadership. They focus on the use of an innovative tool (iWAM) for assessing and developing, and a model (Model of Excellence) for predicting, managing, and improving performance and effectiveness at the individual, team, and organizational levels.